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The first yoga mat that makes Yoga practice measurable!

You just do yoga as usual, but after the practice you will receive valuable data on your mobile phone about your performance.
The project team has begun turning their prototype into the final product.

Rethinking the role of yoga-accessories

 Practicing without tracking results 

The SMRT Yoga Mat is a new fitness tracker device that doesn't need to be worn and doesn't change the way you've been doing yoga at all. It measures your yoga performance and provides valuable, never-before-seen statistics after your yoga session.

 Lack of Progress Tracking 

With SMRT Yoga, users can track their performance over time through the application. They can view their historical data, monitor improvements, and identify areas that need more focus.

 Inconsistency in practice 

By providing feedback and progress tracking, the SMRT Yoga Mat motivates users to maintain consistency in their yoga practice. Seeing their progress and improvements can be a strong motivator for regular practice.

Deepen your yoga journey with SMRT Yoga Mat

The SMRT Yoga Mat is a yoga mat that enchances your yoga practice by providing insightful post-session data, supporting personalization through a dedicated app, and ensuring a peaceful, quiet environment for optimal focus.

Premium yoga accessory in every way

The SMRT mat provides a calm, quiet environment which is essential to yoga. This digital yoga mattress does not make unnecessary sounds to disract your practice.
The mat is designed to keep you focused on your practice, so it won't give real-time feedback, but after the finished yoga session the smartphone application will display all the relevant results.
Comes with a dedicated iOS and Android app, which has numerous interesting, free features and in addition to these, other customizable content can be purchased and downloaded.

Technical Specification


Natural Rubber base and eco-polyurethane top surface
Non slippery
Dimensions: 180 X 68 cm*
Weigh: Approx. 3 kg
Thickness: 4,5 mm
Superfast charging with USB-C
Up to 24h operating time (1 week in sleep mode)
*usable surface, the full surface is 194 x 68cm

Smart features


Algorithms based on machine learning are running in a cloud environment where the sensor data is processed.


Connects to a dedicated mobile app and transfers data via Bluetooth connection from the sensor layers.

Offline mode

The mat's memory can store the data of the last sessions and the data will be synced the next time when the smartphone and the mat will be in close proximity.


The mat’s embedded software can be updated via the mobile app.

Quality of yoga

Track the quality of your yoga practice by measuring the time spent squirming and balancing, alignment into the pose and number of displacements from the pose (stability).

Intensity for your better positure

Track the quality of your yoga practice by measuring the time spent squirming and balancing, alignment into the pose and number of displacements from the pose (stability).

Measuring time

Track the quality of your yoga practice by measuring the time spent squirming and balancing, alignment into the pose and number of displacements from the pose (stability).

Review of
SMRT Yoga Mat

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What people  say about the mat

Bea S.
„I find the idea very interesting, especially for people like me who practice yoga alone usually.”
Anett B.
„I like the idea that it can help in keeping the positions, and that I can track everything. It is a very useful support.”
Susan N.
„It is wonderful that such products exist nowadays! I found it very interesting, and I would probably buy it.”
Thomas K.
„It really sounds good. And I am triggered. Because I cannot measure my performance with a fitness watch.”
Megan U.
„I like that the mat actually looks like a simple, normal mat. No show-off.”
Sahil K.
„The description seems to be hones about what this mat could do.”
Melinda T.
„I like that it does not affect my yoga exercise, it just collects data and show the progress afterwards.”
Sam L.
„No other equipment is needed, I don’t have to wear anything either. The mat is the equipment. You can learn a lot about yourself and about the quality of the practices made. This is especially useful if you are doing yoga alone.”
Tina P.
„It measures stability and development. This is essential if you re practicing a lot and you want to see the progress.”
Sarah B.
„I like that it is innovative. Everything is smart nowadays, so I don’t have anything against that.”

FIBO 2023

In April 2023, we presented the mattress to the FIBO audience in Cologne. It was amazing and uplifting to participate as an exhibitor at one of the world's largest fitness exhibitions. We have gained so many cool friends, new supporters and valuable business contacts! We returned home with a lot of positive feedback and continue the hard work so that the SMRT Yoga Mat can be on the market as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does not want to teach yoga but can help to improve by monitoring the balance and the symmetry, measuring the intensity and the time.
Makes yoga activity measurable tracks and analyzes the improvement of the yoga practitioner
Storage of yoga session both online and offline
- connects to the mobile app and transfers data via Bluetooth
- own offline storage capacity for 3-4 sessions
Does not change the essence of yoga:
- need not be worn
- does not require any connected device during practicing
- does not have any buttons
- as soon as it in detects the user activity, wakes up and starts measuring
gives the opportunity to sharing yoga results
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